Machine Learning in Mobile Crowd Sourcing: A Behavior-Based Recruitment Model

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With the advent of mobile crowd sourcing (MCS) systems and its applications, the selection of the right crowd is gaining utmost importance. The increasing variability in the context of MCS tasks makes the selection of not only the capable but also the willing workers crucial for a high task completion rate. Most of the existing MCS selection frameworks rely primarily on reputation-based feedback mechanisms to assess the level of commitment of potential workers. Such frameworks select workers having high reputation scores but without any contextual awareness of the workers, at the time of selection, or the task. This may lead to an unfair selection of workers who will not perform the task. Hence, reputation on its own only gives an approximation of workers' behaviors since it assumes that workers always behave consistently regardless of the situational context. However, following the concept of cross-situational consistency, where people tend to show similar behavior in similar situations and behave differently in disparate ones, this work proposes a novel recruitment system in MCS based on behavioral profiling. The proposed approach uses machine learning to predict the probability of the workers performing a given task, based on their learned behavioral models. Subsequently, a group-based selection mechanism, based on the genetic algorithm, uses these behavioral models in complementation with a reputation-based model to recruit a group of workers that maximizes the quality of recruitment of the tasks. Simulations based on a real-life dataset show that considering human behavior in varying situations improves the quality of recruitment achieved by the tasks and their completion confidence when compared with a benchmark that relies solely on reputation.

Original languageBritish English
Article number3451163
JournalACM Transactions on Internet Technology
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 2022


  • behavioral profiling
  • Machine learning
  • mobile crowd sourcing
  • quality of recruitment
  • selection management


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