Investigation on the evolution of hydrothermal biochar

Ming Li, Yang Wang, Zhangfeng Shen, Mingshu Chi, Chen Lv, Chenyang Li, Li Bai, Hamdy Khamees Thabet, Salah M. El-Bahy, Mohamed M. Ibrahim, Lai Fatt Chuah, Pau Loke Show, Xiaolin Zhao

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The objective of this study was to visualize trends and current research status of hydrothermal biochar research through a bibliometric analysis by using CiteSpace software. The original article data were collected from the Web of Science core database published between 2009 and 2020. A visual analysis network of national co-authored, institutional co-authored and author co-authored articles was created, countries, institutions and authors were classified accordingly. By visualizing the cited literature and journal co-citation networks, the main subject distribution and core journals were identified respectively. By visualizing journal co-citations, the main research content was identified. Further the cluster analysis revealed the key research directions of knowledge structure. Keyword co-occurrence analysis and key occurrence analysis demonstrate current research hotspots and new research frontiers. Through the above analysis, the cooperation and contributions of hydrothermal biochar research at different levels, from researchers to institutions to countries to macro levels, were explored, the disciplinary areas of knowledge and major knowledge sources of hydrothermal biochar were discovered, and the development lineage, current status, hotspots and trends of hydrothermal biochar were clarified. The results obtained from the study can provide a reference for scholars to gain a deeper understanding of hydrothermal biochar.

Original languageBritish English
Article number135774
StatePublished - Nov 2022


  • Bibliometric
  • Biochar
  • CiteSpace
  • Hydrothermal
  • Visualization


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