Home delivery of medications: Community pharmacists' perspectives on the pros and cons of the service

Rana Abu-Farha, Karem H. Alzoubi, Rama Alkhawaldeh, Rania Itani, Samar Karout, Tareq Mukattash, Eman Alefishat

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Objectives: The main goal of the current study was to investigate pharmacists' perception of home delivery of medications service in Jordan and their willingness to use the service. Method: This cross-sectional observational study was conducted between March and April 2022. The study targeted community pharmacists working at different community pharmacies across Jordan. The study questionnaire was distributed through Facebook to target Jordanian community pharmacists' groups. Results: Three hundred and twenty-four community pharmacists participated in the study, 75% (n = 244) of pharmacists reported being willing to use the home delivery and 274 (84.6%) thought it increases the efficiency of their community pharmacies' services. Only 129 (39.8%) pharmacists agreed or strongly agreed that unlike in-store service, home delivery of medications is suitable only for OTC but not for prescriptions medications Nearly half the number of participating pharmacists (n = 153, 47.2%) believe that the service is suitable for refill prescriptions but not for new prescriptions. Pharmacists believe that the foremost pros of the service were to continue life-saving medical treatment (n = 249, 76.9%), serve sick, elderly, and disabled patients (n = 241, 74.4%), and decrease congestion at health facilities (n = 228, 70.4%). On the other hand, the cons of this service, as perceived by pharmacists included failing to build a professional relationship with patients (n = 203, 62.7%), and the contribution to communication errors (n = 147, 45.4%). Logistic regression showed that pharmacists who serve 50 patients or more per day were more willing to use the service than those serving less than 50 patients per day (OR = 2.058, P = 0.032). Conclusion: The majority of participating pharmacists in this study were willing to use the service at their community pharmacies, especially those serving a large number of patients per day which may indicate the potential of this service in relieving the pressure on community pharmacies and allowing them to serve more patients efficiently.

Original languageBritish English
Article number966145
JournalFrontiers in Public Health
StatePublished - 24 Aug 2022


  • community pharmacist
  • home delivery of medication
  • Jordan
  • perception
  • willingness


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