Green bioprocessing of protein from Chlorella vulgaris microalgae towards circular bioeconomy

Abdul Azim bin Azmi, Kit Wayne Chew, Wen Yi Chia, Muhammad Mubashir, Revathy Sankaran, Man Kee Lam, Jun Wei Lim, Yeek Chia Ho, Pau Loke Show

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The work aimed to study the potential in producing a system with high microalgal protein recovery and separation by utilizing a one-step or integrated downstream process. This in turn enables green biorefinery of protein, contributing to circular bioeconomy whereby less energy, labor, and cost are required for the process. By utilizing electric three phase partitioning flotation system, high protein recovery yield, R of 99.42 ± 0.52% and high separation efficiency, E of 52.72 ± 0.40% system was developed. Scaling up also showed high protein recovery yield with R value of 89.13 ± 1.56%. Total processing duration (extraction, separation, and purification) was also significantly reduced to 10 min. This system showed remarkable potential in reducing processing time, alternatively cost of production, benefiting microalgal downstream processing. Concisely, through this system, microalgal bioprocessing will no longer be complex allowing a wide array of potentials for further studies in this field.

Original languageBritish English
Article number125197
JournalBioresource Technology
StatePublished - Aug 2021


  • Downstream processing
  • Electrical extraction
  • Microalgal biomolecules
  • Process integration
  • Three phase partitioning


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