Fracture of glass/polypropylene laminates: influence of cooling rate after moulding

P. Davies, W. J. Cantwell

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This paper presents results from mechanical tests on glass fibre-reinforced polypropylene laminates. Materials were manufactured in a press and the average rate of cooling from the forming temperature after pressing was varied from 0.23 to 55°C min-1. The cooling rate was found to affect the matrix structure and to strongly influence fracture behaviour. Faster cooling resulted in improved Mode I and Mode II fracture energies, and smaller delaminated areas after impact. Results are compared with those obtained on a glass fibre-reinforced thermoset polyester composite.

Original languageBritish English
Pages (from-to)869-877
Number of pages9
Issue number9
StatePublished - Oct 1994


  • delamination
  • fracture
  • glass fibres
  • polyester
  • polypropylene
  • spherulites


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