Flexible Solar Cells

Mario Pagliaro, Giovanni Palmisano, Rosaria Ciriminna

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With the decline in the world's natural resources, the need for new and cheaper energy sources is evolving. One such source is the sun which generates heat and light which can be harnessed and used to our advantage. This reference book introduces the topic of photovoltaics in the form of flexible solar cells. There are explanations of the principles behind this technology, the engineering required to produce these products and the future possibilities offered by this technology. The chemistry and physics of the cells (both organic and inorganic) are clarified as well as production methods, with information how this can then be applied to the nanoscale as well. A complete guide to this new and exciting way of producing energy which will be invaluable to a variety of people from material scientists, chemists, electrical engineers, to management consultants and politicians.

Original languageBritish English
PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons
Number of pages190
ISBN (Print)9783527323753
StatePublished - 24 Nov 2008


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