Emission standards development for an inspection/maintenance program

M. Kazopoulo, M. El Fadel, I. Kaysi

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    This paper presents the results of vehicle exhaust measurements that were used to establish emission standards for an inspection/maintenance (I/M) program. For this purpose, a total number of 100 private autos distributed across model years ranging between 1972 and 2002 were tested under idling conditions. The monitored indicators included air to fuel ratio (%), CO (%), CO2 (%), HC (parts per million, ppm), NOx, (ppm), and O2 (%). Private autos with model years greater than 1994 were found to be compliant with international standards and are relatively well maintained. Emissions from older models increased significantly with a lack of engine maintenance. The paper concludes with criteria for proposing I/M emission standards based on exhaust measurements taking country-specific socioeconomic characteristics into consideration. Journal of Environmental Engineering

    Original languageBritish English
    Pages (from-to)1330-1339
    Number of pages10
    JournalJournal of Environmental Engineering
    Issue number9
    StatePublished - Sep 2005


    • Air pollution
    • Emissions
    • Inspection
    • Monitoring
    • Vehicles


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