Electrochemical Performance of Spongy Snowballs of O3-NaFeO2@SnO: Cathodes for Sodium Ion Batteries

J. Richards Joshua, V. Sharmila, A. Viji, Mir Waqas Alam, Amal BaQais, Shanavas Shajahan, Mohammad Abu Haija, Roberto Acevedo

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    Electrode materials for large-scale applications from the earth-abundant material need to be developed in the energy storage system. Based on earth-abundant material, sodium-based batteries with Fe system-based positive electrodes seem attractive for a cost-effective system for large-scale storage applications. Instead of partial substitution of transition metals with Fe, in the present work, we choose surface coating to analyze the electrochemical performance of NaFeO2. SnO was coated on the NaFeO2 surface, and the electrochemical characteristic property is studied in detail. Spongy nanoball coating is confirmed on the surface of NaFeO2. The reversible capacity of SnO-coated NaFeO2 is about 158mAh·g-1 at 0.25 C. The SnO coating greatly enhances electron transport during cycling, and 80% of capacity is retained after 1000 cycles. The enhanced electrode can be used as a cost-effective, eco-friendly natured electrode with high performance for large-scale energy storage applications.

    Original languageBritish English
    Article number6616567
    JournalInternational Journal of Energy Research
    StatePublished - 2023


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