Dynamic clustering-based model reduction scheme for damping control of large power systems using series compensators from wide area signals

Soheil Ranjbar, Ameena S. Al-Sumaiti, Reza Sangrody, Young Ji Byon, Mousa Marzband

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This paper presents a new scheme of thyristor controlled series compensators (TCSC)-based damping controller for damping inter-area oscillations in bulk power systems based on a wide area measurement system (WAMS). In this regard, the proposed scheme provides an adaptive three-phase step through real-time working mode. In the first step, by proposing dynamic clustering-based technique, wide area signals evaluate the inter-area oscillations of the system which in a real-time procedure identify the corresponding oscillating areas. In the case of reducing the order of power systems through a set of aggregated coherent areas, the proposed scheme implements through the second step which utilizes as a damping controller for damping the inter-area oscillations. In this step, the wide area electromechanical signals use as input data through the proposed TCSC-based damping controller. The corresponding controlling signals consist of inter-area rotor angle (ΔδCOI) and inter-area speed deviation (ΔωCOI) evaluated through center of inertia (COI) frame. In the third step, at each time window (ΔT) through real-time working mode, the proposed scheme examines through a set of fault occurrences which based on online evaluations of the system dynamic responses, the controller parameters adjust adaptively. The proposed controller is an online and non-model-based scheme which properly reduces the system order through a set of coherent areas to provide proper damping performances of inter-area oscillations. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme evaluates through the Iran National Power Grid with the potential of two oscillating areas with proper damping performances for damping the unstable inter-area oscillations.

Original languageBritish English
Article number107082
JournalInternational Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems
StatePublished - Oct 2021


  • Damping Inter-Area Oscillation
  • Dynamic Clustering Technique
  • Model Reduction
  • TCSC-based Wide Area Damping Controller


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