Developing a Performance Evaluation Framework for Public Private Partnership Projects

Zeeshan Ahmad, Sajjad Mubin, Rehan Masood, Fahim Ullah, Malik Khalfan

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    The public–private partnership (PPP) is a potential procurement strategy for delivering complex construction projects. However, implementing PPPs has not been explored extensively in developing countries like Pakistan. A performance framework is developed in this study to evaluate the application of PPP projects based on 10 key performance indicators (KPIS) and 41 performance measures (PMS). This framework was reviewed by experts for coverage and relevance, then validated through two case studies involving road construction. A triangulation approach was adopted to collect the relevant data through multiparty focus group sessions, archives, and site observations, which enhances the reliability of the data. Results showed there is a difference in performance for six KPIS, but similar practices were reported for four KPIS. The developed performance evaluation framework (PEF) for PPP projects is suitable for developing countries transitioning toward adopting this procurement strategy.

    Original languageBritish English
    Article number1563
    Issue number10
    StatePublished - Oct 2022


    • Pakistan
    • performance evaluation framework
    • procurement
    • public–private partnership
    • road construction projects


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