Densities and vapor pressures of highly fluorinated compounds

Ana M.A. Dias, Caria M.B. Gonçalves, Ana I. Caço, Luís M.N.B.F. Santos, Manuel M. Piñeiro, Lourdes F. Vega, João A.P. Coutinho, Isabel M. Marrucho

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Vapor pressures and liquid densities of highly fluorinated compounds were measured in this work. Vapor pressures were measured in the temperature range between 288 K and 333 K with an apparatus based on the static method. Liquid densities were measured with a vibrating tube densimeter in the temperature range between 288 K and 313 K. Experimental data was fitted with appropriate equations and compared with literature data when possible. Vapor pressures and densities were also correlated with the soft-SAFT equation of state, and the fitted parameters for the studied fluids are presented. The boiling points, enthalpies of vaporization, and thermal expansion coefficients, derived from vapor pressure and density data, are also reported.

Original languageBritish English
Pages (from-to)1328-1333
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Chemical and Engineering Data
Issue number4
StatePublished - Jul 2005


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