CVD diamond sensors for charged particle detection

M. Krammer, W. Adam, E. Berdermann, P. Bergonzo, G. Bertuccio, F. Bogani, E. Borchi, A. Brambilla, M. Bruzzi, C. Colledani, J. Conway, P. D'Angelo, W. Dabrowski, P. Delpierre, A. Deneuville, W. Dulinski, B. Van Eijk, A. Fallou, F. Fizzotti, F. FoulonM. Friedl, K. K. Gan, E. Gheeraert, G. Hallewell, S. Han, F. Hartjes, J. Hrubec, D. Husson, H. Kagan, D. Kania, J. Kaplon, R. Kass, T. Koeth, A. Logiudice, R. Lu, L. MacLynne, C. Manfredotti, D. Meier, M. Mishina, L. Moroni, A. Oh, L. S. Pan, M. Pernicka, A. Peitz, L. Perera, S. Pirollo, M. Procario, J. L. Riester, S. Roe, L. Rousseau, A. Rudge, J. Russ, S. Sala, M. Sampietro, S. Schnetzer, S. Sciortino, H. Stelzer, R. Stone, B. Suter, R. J. Tapper, R. Tesarek, W. Trischuk, D. Tromson, E. Vittone, A. M. Walsh, R. Wedenig, P. Weilhammer, M. Wetstein, C. White, W. Zeuner, M. Zoeller

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    CVD diamond material was used to build position-sensitive detectors for single-charged particles to be employed in high-intensity physics experiments. To obtain position information, metal contacts shaped as strips or pixels are applied to the detector surface for one- or two-dimensional coordinate measurement. Strip detectors 2 × 4 cm2 in size with a strip distance of 50 μm were tested. Pixel detectors of various pixel sizes were bump bonded to electronics chips and investigated. A key issue for the use of these sensors in high intensity experiments is the radiation hardness. Several irradiation experiments were carried out with pions, protons and neutrons exceeding a fluence of 1015 particles/cm2. The paper presents an overview of the results obtained with strip and pixel detectors in high-energy test beams and summarises the irradiation studies.

    Original languageBritish English
    Pages (from-to)1778-1782
    Number of pages5
    JournalDiamond and Related Materials
    Issue number9-10
    StatePublished - Sep 2001


    • Diamond sensor
    • Particle detector
    • Pixel detector
    • Radiation damage


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