CSIOR: Circle-Surface Intersection Ordered Resampling

Claudio Tortorici, Mohamed Kamel Riahi, Stefano Berretti, Naoufel Werghi

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Triangular mesh is one of the most popular 3D modalities, which usage spans a wide variety of applications in computer vision, computer graphics and multimedia. Raw mesh surfaces generated by 3D scanning devices often suffer from mesh irregularity and also lack the implicit ordered structure that characterizes 2D images. Therefore, they are not suitable to be processed as such, especially for applications requiring fine surface analysis tasks. In this paper, we propose CSIOR, a novel mesh regularization technique exhibiting novel capabilities including (a) quasi-equilateral triangle and ordered tessellation that can accommodate non-convex shaped surfaces, (b) implicit generation of iso-geodesic contours, and (c) preservation of the object geometric properties, such as shape and surface corrugations (relief patterns). We evidence the superiority of our technique over current methods through a series of experiments performed on a variety of surfaces with relief patterns.

Original languageBritish English
Article number101837
JournalComputer Aided Geometric Design
StatePublished - May 2020


  • Ordered mesh
  • Relief patterns
  • Triangle mesh regularization


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