Classical and contemporary Muslim juridical views of terrorism

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    Terrorism, which has become a very hot topic, might become the twenty-first century's most important issue, depending upon the methods used to combat it. The methods now being used, however, might actually lead to more terrorism. Regardless of how the perpetrator views his/her action, it is guaranteed to capture everyone's attention and become part of the ongoing political, social, economic and religious discourses. This paper discusses Islam's views of terrorism in general and those of the classical jurists in particular. I will discuss this issue by relating its concepts, terminologies, thoughts, Qur'anic verses and prophetic traditions in order to show that Islam rejects terrorism. Furthermore, I argue that Islam, ever since it first appeared, has called for the implementation of security in practice, as opposed to theory, and therefore advocates the protection of essential and legitimate human concerns (i.e., religion, life, the right to live in peace, mind/reason and wealth). This paper presents historical events and cases that refute the claims of western media and some scholarly view that Islam favors and supports terrorism.

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    JournalPolitics and Religion Journal
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    StatePublished - 2014


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