Calibrated pulse-thermography procedure for inspecting HDPE

Mohammed A. Omar, Yi Zhou, Rohit Parvataneni, Eric Planting

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    This manuscript discusses the application of a pulse-thermography modality to evaluate the integrity of a high-density polyethylene HDPE joint for delamination, in nonintrusive manner. The inspected HDPE structure is a twin-cup shape, molded through extrusion, and the inspection system comprises a high-intensity, short-duration radiation pulse to excite thermal emission; the text calibrates the experiment settings (pulse duration, and detector sampling rate) to accommodate HDPE bulks thermal response. The acquired thermal scans are processed through new contrast computation named "self-referencing", to investigate the joint tensile strength and further map its adhesion interface in real-time. The proposed system (hardware, software combination) performance is assessed through an ultrasound C-scan validation and further benchmarked using a standard pulse phase thermography (PPT) routine.

    Original languageBritish English
    Article number186427
    JournalAdvances in Materials Science and Engineering
    StatePublished - 2008


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