Biomass waste as an alternative source of carbon and silicon-based absorbents for CO2 capturing application

R. Suresh, L. Gnanasekaran, S. Rajendran, A.A. Jalil, M. Soto-Moscoso, K.S. Khoo, Z. Ma, H.S. Halimatul Munawaroh, P.L. Show

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The production of low-cost solid adsorbents for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture has gained massive consideration. Biomass wastes are preferred as precursors for synthesis of CO2 solid adsorbents, due to their high CO2 adsorption efficiency, and ease of scalable low-cost production. This review particularly focuses on waste biomass-derived adsorbents with their CO2 adsorption performances. Specifically, studies related to carbon (biochar and activated carbon) and silicon (silicates and geopolymers)-based adsorbents were summarized. The impact of experimental parameters including nature of biomass, synthesis route, carbonization temperature and type of activation methods on the CO2 adsorption capacities of biomass-derived pure carbon and silicon-based adsorbents were evaluated. The development of various enhancement strategies on biomass-derived adsorbents for CO2 capture and their responsible factors that impact adsorbent's CO2 capture proficiency were also reviewed. The possible CO2 adsorption mechanisms on the adsorbent's surface were highlighted. The challenges and research gaps identified in this research area have also been emphasized, which will help as further research prospects. © 2023 Elsevier Ltd
Original languageBritish English
StatePublished - 2023


  • Biomass
  • Carbon materials
  • CO<sub>2</sub> capture
  • Silicon materials
  • Solid adsorbents
  • Activated carbon
  • Adsorption
  • Carbonization
  • Costs
  • Silicates
  • activated carbon
  • carbon dioxide
  • charcoal
  • polymer
  • silicate
  • Adsorption efficiency
  • Alternative source
  • Biomass wastes
  • Carbon material
  • Carbon-based
  • CO2 capture
  • Low-costs
  • Silicon-based
  • adsorption
  • biomass
  • carbon
  • research work
  • silicon
  • waste technology
  • Article
  • carbon source
  • carbonization
  • surface property
  • synthesis
  • temperature
  • waste
  • Carbon dioxide


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