Applications of advanced MXene-based composite membranes for sustainable water desalination

Nadeem Hussain Solangi, Nabisab Mujawar Mubarak, Rama Rao Karri, Shaukat Ali Mazari, Suresh Kumar Kailasa, Akram Alfantazi

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MXenes are an innovative class of 2D nanostructured materials gaining popularity for various uses in medicine, chemistry, and the environment. A larger outer layer area, exceptional stability and conductivity of heat, high porosity, and environmental friendliness are all characteristics of MXenes and their composites. As a result, MXenes have been used to produce Li-ion batteries, semiconductors, water desalination membranes, and hydrogen storage. MXenes have recently been used in many environmental remediations, frequently surpassing conventional materials, to treat groundwater contamination, surface waters, industrial and municipal wastewaters, and desalination. Due to their outstanding structural characteristics and the enormous specific surface area, they are widely utilized as adsorbents or membrane materials for the desalination of seawater. When used for electrochemical applications, MXene-composites can deionize via Faradaic capacitive deionization (CDI) and adsorb various organic and inorganic pollutants to treat the water. In general, as compared to other 2D nanomaterials, MXene has superb characteristics; because of their magnificent characteristics and they exhibit strong desalination capability. The current review paper discusses the desalination capability of MXenes and their composites. Focusing on the desalination capacity of MXene-based nanomaterials, this study discusses the characteristics and synthesis techniques of MXenes their composites along with their ion-rejection capability and pervaporation desalination of water via MXene-based membranes, capacitive deionization capability, solar desalination capability. Furthermore, the challenges and prospects of MXenes and their composites are highlighted.

Original languageBritish English
Article number137643
StatePublished - Feb 2023


  • 2D MXene materials
  • Capacitive deionization
  • Mxene-based membranes
  • Solar desalination
  • Water desalination


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