An electronic textile embedded smart cementitious composite

Muhammad S. Irfan, Muhammad A. Ali, Kamran A. Khan, Rehan Umer, Antonios Kanellopoulos, Yarjan Abdul Samad

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Structural health monitoring (SHM) using self-sensing cement-based materials has been reported before, where nano-fillers have been incorporated in cementitious matrices as functional sensing elements. A percolation threshold is always required in order for conductive nano-fillers modified concrete to be useful for SHM. Nonetheless, the best pressure/strain sensitivity results achieved for any self-sensing cementitious matrix are <0.01 MPa−1. In this work, we introduce for the first-time novel partially reduced graphene oxide based electronic textile (e-textile) embedded in plain and as well as in polymer-binder-modified cementitious matrix for SHM applications. These e-textile embedded cementitious composites are independent of any percolation threshold due to the interconnected fabric inside the host matrix. The piezo-resistive response was measured by applying direct and cyclic compressive loads (ranging from 0.10 to 3.90 MPa). A pressure sensitivity of 1.50 MPa−1 and an ultra-high gauge factor of 2000 was obtained for the system of the self-sensing cementitious structure with embedded e-textiles. The sensitivity of this new system with embedded e-textile is an order of magnitude higher than the state-of-the-art nanoparticle based self-sensing cementitious composites. The composites showed mechanical stability and functional durability over long-term cyclic compression tests of 1000 cycles. Additionally, a two time-constant model was used to validate the experimental results on decay response of the e-textile embedded composites.

Original languageBritish English
Article numbere12468
JournalEngineering Reports
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 2022


  • 2D materials
  • cementitious composites
  • in situ sensors
  • piezoresistivity
  • polymer composites
  • strain sensors


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