Actor-network theory and the evolution of complex adaptive supply networks

Zelinna Pablo, Kerry London, Peter S.P. Wong, Malik Khalfan

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    Purpose: Current understandings of innovation in construction portray it as linear, deterministic phenomena centered around novel objects and technologies deployed in sequentially-organized supply chains. This study aims to develop an enriched understanding of construction innovation as non-linear, socio-material and dynamic phenomena in complex networks by formulating a novel conceptual apparatus of complex adaptive supply networks (CASNs) expanded through actor-network theory (ANT) concepts. Design/methodology/approach: This combined CASN/ANT apparatus is mobilized in the context of a qualitative case study involving a housing construction supply network in Australia making use of offsite manufacturing (OSM) techniques. Findings: The study shows that innovative technologies such as novel OSM products can play an important though not necessarily deterministic role in the evolution of CASNs. The study also explicates the process by which the enrollment of non-human agents and the resulting CASN evolution are linked: innovative technologies shape human and non-human interactions in ways that redefine task delegation, role definition and schemas that are fundamental to the shape of CASNs. Originality/value: Findings provide a compelling empirical basis for arguing that CASNs must be conceptualized as heterogeneous systems and that innovation in construction must be understood as non-linear, socio-material and dynamic, rather than linear and driven by technological determinism. The study also interrogates limiting notions of supply chains and supports the notion of alternative inter-organizational forms to understand construction project work.

    Original languageBritish English
    Pages (from-to)668-684
    Number of pages17
    JournalConstruction Innovation
    Issue number4
    StatePublished - 21 Oct 2021


    • Actor-network theory
    • Complex adaptive supply network
    • Innovation
    • Non-human actors
    • Open manufacturing/offsite construction
    • Supply chain management


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