A Comprehensive Approach to Modeling Sanding During Oil Production

Alireza Nouri, Hans Vaziri, Hadi Belhaj, Rafiqul Islam

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    Sand production has been a major dilemma facing operating oil companies over many years, sometimes substantially increasing production costs. On the other hand, a very controlled solid production can enhance oil production. A dependable predictive model is vital for planning production strategies in order to optimize well production. To date, despite several research studies, sand production remains the nightmare of petroleum engineers. Even though many researchers have tried to predict sand production in the past, none of them suggested a comprehensive model that takes care of a variety of mechanisms at different points and different times. Moreover, rare models predict sanding rate and volume along with sanding initiation. This paper presents a comprehensive numerical modeling of sand production that appreciates the different behavior of the medium near and far well-bore from early to late life-time. Sanding criteria were adopted according to the physics of the problem, by taking the sequential nature of sand production into consideration. The numerical model that was used not only assesses sand production qualitatively but can also give the sanding rate at different times. This was used to model the observations of sand production in a large block test, and the sanding rate and volume generated from numerical modeling agreed with experimental results. With each stage of increased drawdown or depletion, a burst of sand took place which enlarged the cavities initiated from the perforations. The expansion of the cavity was soon stabilized and this behavior was predicted by numerical modeling. Moreover, besides considering shear and tensile failure of the material, the possibility of volumetric failure has been discussed.

    Original languageBritish English
    Number of pages7
    StatePublished - 2003
    EventEighth Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference - Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
    Duration: 27 Apr 200330 Apr 2003


    ConferenceEighth Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference
    Country/TerritoryTrinidad and Tobago
    CityPort of Spain


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