Ultracentrifuge - Sorvall MX 150 Plus

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      ACBC LAB, SAN, Arzanah Building ,LAB 017

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    Sorvall micro-ultracentrifuges deliver excellent performance and versatility for rapid small-volume processing applications. The Sorvall MTX 150 delivers outstanding speed (up to 150,000 rpm) g-force (up to1,048,000 x g) and rotor capacities (up to 180 mL), to accomplish the most demanding ultracentrifuge applications. Unit has 20 program memory, each with up to 9 steps. The temperature range is between 0 to 40 °C in 1 °C increments. It features benchtop design with the advanced functionality in a compact footprint that easily fit in the lab. It is quiet (45 dBA), you can work next to it without hearing it running. For increased safety and convenience, the Sorvall MTX 150 has an imbalance tolerant drive allowing eye-balancing of tubes. The swinging bucket rotor (4 x 7 mL), spins up to 28 mL per run. The swinging bucket rotor (4 x 7 mL), spins up to 28 mL per run. 7 mL tube series (3 types) provides versatility for better density gradient separations of cell organelles, proteins and viruses. Top-loading buckets reduce mishandling resulting in greater safety.


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