TECAN Microplate Reader Infinite M200 PRO

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    The TECAN Infinite M200 PRO is designed to detect and quantify biological, chemical, or physical events of samples in microplates. It can accommodate various types of microplates. Detection Modes: -Absorbance (Photometry): Measures the amount of light absorbed by a sample. -Fluorescence Intensity (FI): Detects the fluorescence emission of a sample when it's excited by a specific light wavelength. -Luminescence: Measures light emitted from samples, which can be either chemiluminescence or bioluminescence. -Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF): A specialized mode that measures fluorescence over a delay, allowing for reduced background noise. -Fluorescence Polarization (FP): Useful in molecular binding studies. Applications: -Drug Discovery: For high-throughput screening of compounds. -Molecular Biology: In assays like protein quantification, ELISA, and nucleic acid quantification. -Cell Biology: In cell proliferation, toxicity, and viability studies. -Genetics: For genotyping studies.


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