Solid Detection System (AWAI 1000)

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    Solid precipitation during production, transportation, and storage of petroleum fluids is a common problem faced by the oil industry throughout the world. Asphalten and wax are the major threats to flow assurance that must be assessed in advance by facilities design and production teams. The thermodynamic lab at ADRIC has the capability to perform analysis on these potential precipitations by using SDS AWAI 1000 System. It measures the asphalten onset pressure and the wax appearance temperature of live oil up to 150°C and 1000 bar. The system is equipped with HP microscopic cell to visualize the formation of solid particles, NIR source and detector for light transmission across the test fluid, filtration system, and chemical injection pump. The entire system is featured by Falcon software to control and (in real time) records the system temperature, pressure, solvent volume, time, and most importantly, the power of transmitted light through the fluid.


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