Slim Tube System (STS 700)

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    The STS 700 system is used to perform dynamic EOR miscibility studies on oil reservoirs to optimize the recovery and lower the production costs in gas injection processes. The slim tube displacement experiments provide precise measurements of the minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) and the minimum miscibility composition (MMC), and the maximum allowable system operational conditions are 150°C and 700 bars. The main component of the slim tube is a long coiled tube filled with sand of a specific mesh size or similar porous media. The gas is injected at a desired pressure through the slim tube previously cleaned and saturated with oil by means of a high pressure pump. The effluents flowing from the slim tube can be observed through a capillary sight glass tube. They are then expanded to atmospheric pressure and temperature through a back pressure regulator which maintains a constant system outlet pressure. The effluent liquid volumes are continuously monitored using a digital volume measuring detector whereas the produced gas is measured by a wet gas meter.


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