Sciex LCMSMS system Model 5500 QTRAP

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    "Triple Quad LC-MS/MS systems deliver superior quantitative results in a single injection workflow. When you activate the optional QTRAP functionality, your instrument acts as a linear ion trap (LIT). This allows you to acquire even more data from your sample without sacrificing the sensitivity or quality of your multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) analysis. The QTRAP technology incorporates additional scan types, such as MRM3 (MS/MS/MS), Enhanced Product Ion scans (EPI) and many more. The additional scans can run at the same time you are acquiring your MRM, without any impact on performance or quality of data. The SCIEX 5500+ System is built on a legacy of cutting-edge engineering innovation. The quality and care are evident in the design of this mass spectrometer. The ion path contains multiple unique technological advances that will enable your laboratory to produce superior results."


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