Sample Restoration Apparatus & High Pressure Piston Sample Cylinder

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      Lab 1-005, First Floor, ADRIC, SAS Al-Nakhil Campus

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    Two sample Restoration Apparatus/ Vinci Technologies The sample restoration apparatus is used for restoring the reservoir samples in the high pressure piston sample cylinder to its original reservoir condition in the laboratory. This is achieved by heating the sample cylinder with an external heating jacket, pressurization with an external high-pressure pump and a thorough agitation assured by an efficient rocking mechanism. The chassis is equipped with four heavy duty casters to facilitate displacement. The model can simultaneously process up to two samples. Specification: Temperature: Ambient to 200°C Diameter of cylinder: 80 to 100 mm Length of cylinder: 500 to 750 mm High Pressure Piston Sample Cylinder (Model: HPP 1000- 15/ Vinci Technologies) The High Pressure Piston Sample Cylinder is a double end piston type cylinder for safe transportation of the reservoir fluid to the laboratory. The sample fluid is isolated from the secondary driving fluid with a floating piston especially designed to minimize friction and reduce pressure load. The piston accommodates a mixing ball with a minimum of dead volume. All bottles are furnished with a single inlet needle valve for driving fluid and a double inlet needle valve for sample fluid. On the sample side, there is an evacuation port nipple and plug. Valves installed at either end of the bottle are protected by valve guards from damage during handling. A carrying case is also available for transportation purposes. Specification: Capacity: 1000 cc Filling pressure: 15,000 psi Working temperature: Up to 150°C Construction: Titanium Length: 970 mm Diameter OD: 88 mm Thread connection: 1/8” FLP


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