Rheometer TA ARES G2

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      Material Testing Lab (Undercroft 1A)

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    Force/Torque Rebalance Minimum Transducer Torque in Oscillation: 0.05 µN.m Minimum Transducer Torque: 0.1 µN.m in SteadyShearMaximum Transducer Torque:200mN.m Transducer Torque Resolution: 1 nN.m Transducer Normal/Axial Force Range: 0.001 to 20 N Transducer Bearing Groove : Compensated Air Drive Motor (Sample Deformation) Maximum Motor Torque 800 mN.m Displacement Control/Sensing Optical Encoder Strain Resolution: 0.04 µrad Min. Angular Displacement: 1 µrad in Oscillation Max. Angular Displacement: Unlimited in Steady Shear Angular Velocity Range: 1 x 10-6 rad/s to 300 rad/s Angular Frequency Range: 1 x 10-7 rad/s to 628 rad/s Step Change in Velocity: 5 ms Step Change in Strain: 10 ms Temperature Systems Smart Swap Standard Advanced Peltier System, APS: -10 °C to 150 °C


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