Re-circulating Air-conditioning Unit - RA3

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    RA3 is a floor standing unit, with all the features of the RA2 plus a recirculation feature via an enclosed chamber. Some of the air exiting the chamber can be recycled back into the conditioning duct. The RA3 is a floor standing, self contained unit comprising a square ventilation duct mounted on a mild steel frame. The duct has a clear acrylic section allowing visibility of all components. The air out of the duct is passed into a chamber to demonstrate climate control. The exit duct from the chamber is fitted with adjustable vents allowing some of the air to be recirculated back to the duct inlet. Additional sensors measure the temperature and RH at the chamber outlet and after the recirculated air is mixed with the inlet air as well as the flow rate of the recirculated air. Pressure gauges and temperature sensors allow the refrigerant temperature change across the condenser and evaporator to be established. The refrigerant flow rate is measured using a variable area flow-meter.


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