Radial Drilling Machine

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      Machine Shop, Building 1A, Undercroft. Opposite to Material Testing Lab.

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    Excel Radial drilling machine is used to make holes up to 40 mm on materials using Drill bits. Drill bits are mounted to machine by holders. Different grades of drill bits are used according to the hardness of the material to be drilled. Machine spindle rotates in various speeds as selected by the operator. This machine is also used for operation like counter sunking, Thread Tapping, Reaming and crimping also. The work piece is held in a two jaw parallel vise and the vise is clamped tightly in to the table. Operations can be done in this machine are center drilling, Drilling, Reaming and Tapping. Wide range of speed range can be selected in this machine. For harder material slow spindle speed is to be selected before drilling. Speed selection of spindle can be varied by selecting appropriate gears as noted in spindle head. Minimum drill bit can be hold in machine drill chuck is 1 mm to 30 mm.For lesser diameter holes spindle speed can be keep in high. Small Drill bit can be held in Spindle by Drill chuck and Big drill bit with taper shank can be help directly to machine by using sleeves.


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