Quanta 3D FEG - SEM/FIB

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      Microscopy Suite - Masdar Institute, building 1A, undercroft

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    This is a dual beam scanning electron microscope (SEM) that is also equipped with a focused ion beam (FIB). This SEM functions permit microscopic observations of a specimen while the FIB functions allows cutting of your sample. This FEG-SEM-FIB has an Omniprobe for TEM sample preparation. An SDD EDS analyzes specimen elemental chemistry. In addition an electron backscattered diffraction system (EBSD) collects the crystallography information from the specimen. Using these capabilities together makes it possible to learn about, or modify, a specimen's three dimensional (3D) structure and chemistry. It also has plug in STEM and backscatter detectors as well as environmental SEM capability!


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