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      Masdar Institute, 1A, Undercroft, Micro/Nanofabrication Facility, Bay 3

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    The Oxford PlasmaLab 100 Plasma Enhanced Vapor Deposition system is a multipurpose tool capable of depositing silicon oxide, silicon nitride, amorphous silicon, poly-Silicon and other films (under staff permission). The system has a 300 Watt, 13.56 MHz RF Generator and a tunable, 500 Watt low frequency generator (50 kHz - 380 kHz). Our system has a maximum deposition temperature of 800 degrees Celsius. Typical process pressure is 600 - 1200 mTorr. Germane, Phosphine and Diborane gas are hooked up to the system for in-situ doping of films during depositions. Only clean, Silicon and compound semiconductor substrates are allowed in this system. The system is controlled by PC2000 software and recipes can be created for various types of graded films. The process chamber is pumped by a roots pump in serial with a rotary pump and the load lock is pumped by rotary dry pump. Users are only allowed to run the PECVD after a thorough review of their substrates and film deposition needs. Established recipes are posted on the cleanroom website.


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