ParaFuel Benchtop NIR Crude Oil Analyser (ParaFuel Quantum 1800 / LT Industries)

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      Lab 1-004, First Floor, ADRIC, SAS Al-Nakhil Campus

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    The ParaFuel is an automated Benchtop inline Near Infrared (NIR) analyser utilizing Fiber Optics for measurements of comprehensive Crude Oil Properties and having an inbuilt diagnostic for integrity of data collection. The Analyser has the capability to measure both in Transflectance/Reflectance and Transmittance modes. The probes are capable to withstand temperature of maximum 150 ⁰C & pressure of 1000 psi. The minimum sample quantity required for each sample measurement is approximately 25 mL; however, it is dependent upon the container size as the probe should be completely immersed in the sample.


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