NER AL3000 System

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      SAN Campus - Mechanical Workshop - M001

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    AutoLab 3000 is a customizable servo-hydraulic operated system for triaxial measurements with software-controlled arbitrary stress paths on rock specimens up to 101.6 mm (4.0 in) in diameter at in situ stress conditions, pore pressure, and temperature. The pressure vessel and pore pressure systems are housed in an external furnace to maintain a uniform temperature in the vessel and pore fluids throughout the experiment. The high pressure triaxial system consists of a pressure vessel with an internal piston for differential stress and servo-hydraulic intensifiers for differential stress, confining and pore pressure. This design is convenient for routine measurements at reservoir pressures up to 138 MPa (20,000 psi) and temperatures up to 150˚C (302˚F). Key Features External furnace allows no temperature variations between the pore fluid and sample Servo-hydraulic control of confining pressure, pore pressure, flow rate, strain rate, and force Control of pressures and temperatures at reservoir conditions Pore pressure intensifier compatible with water, brine, oil, and gas (including co2) AutoLab software for system data acquisition and reduction Integrated electronics console for servo amplifiers and signal conditioning Option for true triaxial capability


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