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    The NanoDrop One is a spectrophotometer designed for the rapid quantification and assessment of the purity of nucleic acid and protein samples. Developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific, this device uses microvolume UV-Vis spectroscopy, allowing for minute sample quantities, typically 1-2 microliters, to be measured directly without the need for cuvettes or capillaries. Requires only 1-2 ┬ÁL of sample, making it ideal for precious or limited samples. Capable of analyzing samples with a wide range of concentrations without dilution. Provides a full UV-Vis spectrum (from 190 to 850 nm) for comprehensive sample analysis. Offers insights into sample quality, detects contaminants, and provides information to improve measurement accuracy. Ideal for determining the concentration of DNA or RNA in samples, and assessing purity by evaluating the 260/280 and 260/230 ratios. Enables direct UV measurements for determining protein concentrations, and can be used with colorimetric assays such as the BCA or Bradford assay. Offers insights into the presence of contaminants or impurities in samples by analyzing the full UV-Vis spectrum. Useful in determining the density of cell cultures by measuring absorbance at specific wavelengths.


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