Microwave digestion system - Mars 6

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      ACBC LAB, SAN, Arzanah Building ,LAB 019

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    Mars 6 is a laboratory-grade microwave digestion system designed for efficient sample digestion and extraction. The instrument is equipped with 12 digestion vessels (EasyPrep Plus) with capacity of 100 mL with the temperature range up to 300 oC and pressure range up to 800 psi (55 bar). The instrument has the following features: • 1800 Watts of Delivered Microwave Energy supplied by a dual magnetron power train that delivers an industry-leading 1800 watts to completely digest even the most difficult matrices. • Power MAX Automatic Power Control which deliver consistent results every time. The MARS 6 uses CEM’s patented PowerMAXTM Technology to automatically deliver the optimal amount of microwave energy to the reaction for a complete digest regardless of the number of vessels, sample size, or amount of acid. PowerMAX dynamically adjusts the power continuously during the run at 60 times per second, providing the control necessary for complete digests, while preventing exothermic reactions. • DuoTemp Control which automatically chooses the control vessel by recognizing the most reactive vessel in the batch. It will dynamically change during the run to always control the temperature based on the most reactive vessel, providing reproducible, safe digests every time. • Direct Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor of the Reference Vessel. The fiber optic temperature probe is the Gold Standard in temperature measurement. Unlike metal thermocouples, which can self-heat in the microwave and give imprecise readings, CEM’s fiber optic temperature probe provides accurate measurement every time. • Contactless All-Vessel Temperature Control. The MARS 6 features a patented dual IR sensor mount (shown in red) with the shortest path length to the vessel, ensuring more accurate readings and better control than systems with side-mounted IR sensors. • Simple Method Programming. MARS 6 gives you the flexibility to select the method programming style which best suits your needs. The large, high resolution, full color touch screen provides a convenient, built-in interface. No need for a separate terminal or computer and all USEPA and standard methods are included. User can choose from the list of Pre-loaded method libraries with USEPA and standard methods by using “One Touch Methods” interface. CEM’s One Touch takes the guess work out of sample preparation. Simply choose the sample type to be digested and the MARS 6 does the rest. One Touch automatically determines all of the parameters, adjusts power output, and performs the digestion. User can also set own method parameters through the MARS Classic Method interface.


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