Microdrilling station, Stereomicroscope with dental drill

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      Lab 1-001, ADRIC, Sas-Al-Nakhl campus

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    Micro-drilling of carbonate and other samples under a powerful microscope, with camera for imaging of sample. Allows users to drill small amounts of powder from hard samples. The microscope features expanded zoom ratio, high operability, and optical performances (zoom ratio of 12.7x). Stereomicroscope Nikon SMZ1270 with dental drill NSK Ultimate XL system, foot operated. Parallel-optics zooming type Zoom ratio 12.7:1, Zoom range 0.63-8 x Total magnification: 3.15-480x Eyepieces: C-W10xB, C-W15x, C-W20x, C-W30x Objectives: Plan Apo 0.5x/WF, Plan Apo 0.75x/WF, Plan Apo 1x/WF, ED Plan 1.5x/WF, ED Plan 2x/WF Working distance 70mm (with Plan Apo 1x/WF) Weight 9.8kg


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