MBraun MB-Labstar (1450/780) Glove Box with Mini Vacuum Oven

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      Electrochemistry Lab - Building 1B, Undercroft, Hibay 7

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    MB-Labstar (1450/780) Glove Box allows electrochemical experiments under controlled atmosphere of Argon inert gas with <1 ppm oxygen and <1 ppm moisture. The glovebox is equipped with a mini oven for moisture removal from the sample during sample loading to the glove box chamber. MB-VOH-MINI-150°-L. Mini-antechamber oven is installed on the left side wall. Diameter= 150 mm. Length = 400mm. Temperature setting by means of PID regulation. No temperature profiles and ramps. Sample can be loaded/unloaded from both outside and inside glove box chamber.


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