Maccor Battery Test System Series 4000 with CSZ MC-3 Chamber, Channel #20

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      Electrochemistry Lab - Building 1B, Undercroft, Hibay 7

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    Maccor Battery Test System Series 4000 is a 32-channel research-grade battery test system for batteries with low potentials (≤ 5 V) and low currents (≤ 1 A, ≤ 5 A). CSZ Model MC-3 Temperature and Humidity Chamber is also installed to house 32 pieces of 2032-coin-cell holders and other type of batteries. The chamber is used to provide controlled environment for battery testing by controlling the temperature and relative humidity inside the chamber. Maccor Series 4000 can also test other type and size of batteries using 3 meter interface cable that end with alligator clips for connection to device under test. Maccor battery test system includes the following accessories: Type T thermocouple inputs, SA1 thermocouple sensors and Auxiliary Voltage Inputs.


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