J.A Woolam Variable Angle Ellipsometer

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      Masdar Institute, 1A, Undercroft, Micro/Nanofabrication Facility, Bay 1

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    Ellipsometry is a noninvasive technique that measures the changes in the polarization state (psi and delta) of light reflecting from a substrate. From these parameters, thickness as well as optical properties of thin films are determined. First, in the measurement mode, the polarization change is measured. Then a model based on the layered film stack is applied and respective data is generated. Comparison between the experimental and generated data is then made by utilizing fitting functions. Mean squared error (MSE) is employed to quantify the difference between the experimental and model generated data. Minimization of MSE is accomplished through the model and fit phase of the process. Samples up to 8 inches in diameter can be measured. The variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer in the CNF has the spectral range from 193nm – 1700nm


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