Impedance Analyser (E4990A / Keysight Technologies)

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      Lab 1-004, First Floor, ADRIC, SAS Al-Nakhil Campus

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    Impedance is defined as opposition to alternating current (AC) at given frequency when it is passed through electronic device or circuit. The E4990A Impedance Analyser is used to measure and monitor the real impedance characteristics of components in a solution. The method used for the impedance measurement is Auto-balancing bridge method. The frequency range of the instrument is from 20 Hz to 120 MHz and the impedance measurement range is from 25 mΩ to 40 MΩ with a 40 V built-in DC bias source. The equivalent circuit analysis function supports seven different multi-parameter models and helps the user to simulate their own equivalent parameter values of components. The various measurement impedance parameters are |Z|, |Y|, θ, R, X, G, B, L, C, D, Q, Complex Z, Complex Y and the level monitors are Vac, Iac, Vdc, Idc. The Liquid Test Fixture (16452A) is the currently available dielectric probe kit accessory for the instrument and the measurement technique for the dielectric constant measurement is based on parallel plate capacitor method.


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