Iatroscan (MK-6-TLC-FID/FPD / SES GmbH Analysesysteme)

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      Lab 1-005, First Floor, ADRIC, SAS Al-Nakhil Campus

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    The Iatroscan provides an alternative to the HPLC, GC and the old fashioned Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). The system incorporates the best of TLC, HPLC and GC with quick qualitative and quantitative analysis of separated compounds by FID (Flame Ionization Detector) and FPD (Flame Photometric Detector). It is used for analyzing organic substances, which do not exhibit UV-absorption & fluorescence and have difficulties in analyzing with GC and is used especially for determining the SARA components (Saturates, Aromatics, Resins & Asphaltenes) components in heavy fraction of crude oil. The Iatroscan uses Chromorods, which are Quartz rods coated with Silica, to perform like columns/TLC plates and uses flame to burn the separated samples for final analysis on the FID and FPD. The systems include semi-automatic sample spotter for spotting the samples on the Chromorods and an interface for connection to PC and for detailed analysis by SES-i-ChromStar Software.


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