Hiden Analytical HPR-20 Benchtop Gas Analysis System

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      Electrochemistry Lab - Building 1B, Undercroft, Hibay 7

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    HPR-20 Gas Analysis System is designed for the analysis of gas and vapor at pressure near atmosphere. Able to do a real-time and multi-species analysis of 5 PPB to 100% concentration. Including Hiden HAL/3F 201 RC triple filter mass spectrometer with Faraday/Multiplier detector. Mass Range 200 amu. Extended Mass Range (type 305113) allows for 300 amu range (in place of standard 200 amu mass range). Corrosion Resistant: analysis of corrosive gas mixtures is possible by using specialized corrosive gas resistant sample line seals and gas dilution/purge valve (type 303601). Mass Spectrometer: HAL 3F PIC pulse ion counting mass spectrometer (in place of HAL 3F analogue mass spectrometer). WindowsTM version of the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Database (type 800500) QGA – gas analysis calibration and quantification PC software (type 800590)


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