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      Microscopy Suite - Masdar, Building 1A, undercroft

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    The Helios NanoLab 650 features FEI™s most recent advances in field emission SEM (FESEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) technologies and their combined use. As FEI™s 11th DualBeam platform, it is designed to access a new world of extreme high resolution (XHR) 2D and 3D characterization, 3D NanoPrototyping, and higher quality sample preparation. The outstanding imaging capabilities of the Helios NanoLab begin with its Elstar FESEM. Thanks to its integrated monochromator (UC) and beam deceleration, it delivers sub-nanometer resolution across the whole 1-30 kV range. The Elstar features other unique technologies such as constant power lenses for higher thermal stability and electrostatic scanning for higher deflection linearity and speed. Its through-the-lens detector, set for highest collection efficiency of SE (secondary electrons) and on-axis BSE (backscattered electrons), is complemented by FEI™s latest advanced detection suite including three novel detectors: two multi-segment solid state detectors for stunning low kV SE/BSE and S/TEM (scanning transmission electron mode) performance, and a third dedicated to optimized FIB-SE and -SI (secondary ion) imaging.


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