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    The GridION system, developed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies, is a cutting-edge sequencing platform designed for real-time, long-read, and scalable DNA and RNA sequencing. Based on nanopore sequencing technology, GridION has transformed genomics research by delivering long and highly accurate reads, which enable detailed characterization of complex genomic regions, structural variants, and more. Suitable for both large-scale and small laboratories, it provides a versatile solution for a diverse array of sequencing applications. Offers immediate data streaming, allowing for real-time analysis and faster results. Nanopore sequencing provides considerably longer reads than traditional sequencing methods, aiding in de novo genome assembly, detection of structural variants, and more. Users can adjust the sequencing throughput based on the project's needs, making it suitable for both large and small projects. The compact and modular design of the GridION system ensures it can fit easily into any lab setup. Capable of sequencing native DNA and RNA molecules without the need for PCR amplification, preserving epigenetic modifications. Applications: Genome Assembly; Structural Variant Detection; Transcriptomics; Metagenomics; Epigenetics; Real-time Surveillance. In summary, the GridION system from Oxford Nanopore Technologies is a game-changer in the sequencing arena. Its ability to generate real-time, long-read sequencing data provides researchers with unparalleled genomic insights, facilitating breakthroughs in genetics, medicine, and environmental science.


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