Greenlight Innovation FB-101 Redox Flow Stack Test Station

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      Electrochemistry Lab - Building 1B, Undercroft, Hibay 7

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    Redox flow stack test station, includes: 20 Volts, 100 Amps sink/source Turnkey system including PC, control software with intelligent automation capability Variable electrolyte flow control up to 1000ml/min with dual peristaltic pumps Electrolyte reservoirs (4liter); Quantity = 2 Conductivity meters; Quantity = 2 Magnetic stirrers; Quantity = 2 Integrated data acquisition system including 5 channel cell voltage monitoring (CVM) Non-metallic electrolyte handling system: corrosion-resistant pumps, electrolyte reservoirs, drain N2 purge system for tanks and lines Electrolyte temperature control up to 80 °C Cell inlet and outlet pressure measurement


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