GloMax Discover Microplate Reader

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    The GloMax Discover Microplate Reader is a top-tier, high-performance system designed to deliver both flexibility and efficiency in microplate assays. Developed for advanced detection capabilities across a broad spectrum of applications, this reader can handle a wide variety of luminance, fluorescence, and absorbance-based assays, making it an indispensable tool in many research and clinical laboratories. Offers capabilities in fluorescence intensity, luminescence, and UV-visible absorbance measurements, facilitating versatility in assay choices. Comes with built-in, user-friendly software designed for effortless data acquisition, analysis, and visualization. Delivers accurate measurements across a wide range of sample concentrations, reducing the need for sample dilutions and re-runs. Applications: Gene Expression Studies; Protein Quantification; Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity; Enzyme Activity; Calcium Flux Assays; Biomarker Detection


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