Flash Diffusivity TA DXF-EM900

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      Materials Testing Lab (undercroft 1A)

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    Discovery Xenon Flash (DXF) source module employs a High Speed Xenon-pulse Delivery source (HSXD) which has considerably lower cost and less maintenance than a laser and generates equivalent results. A reflective optic configuration of our design effectively harnesses the power of a Xenon flash tube and, with the aid of proprietary wave guides, delivers it to the specimen inside the Environmental Module. The DXF produces a pulse width as short as 400 μs to 600 μs, while uniformly concentrating sufficient power from the flash source directly on the entire face of the specimen. The use of large samples diminishes errors associated with inhomogeneity and permits representative measurements of poorly dispersed composites. Environmental Modules EM-900 Includes a resistance-heated furnace, providing RT to 900°C operation in air or inert gas, or in vacuum to 10-3 torr. The EM-900 includes a multi-specimen indexed holder, supporting a variety of specimen sizes. The module includes an LN2-cooled IR detector. Simple to operate and safe to use, the system is suitable for research and development programs, as well as quality control. It is easy to maintain and very economical to operate.


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