ELD windtunnel

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    The interior dimensions of the test section are: length, 24.0” (= 60.96 cm); height, 12.0” (= 30.48 cm); width, 12.0” (= 30.48 cm). The cover and the floor of the working section are removable and fitted with quick release fasteners. A 4.075” (= 10.35 cm) diameter port, closed with flush fitting is provided downstream of the test section entrance in the operator’s sidewall. A degree index scale is surrounded the port. Stainless steel thumb screws secure each plug in the port. A 0.1875” (= 0.476 cm) diameter hole is drilled on the surface directly opposite the port center. The hole is provided as a pivot hole for two-dimensional models inserted through the port. Speed, in the test section, is continuously variable from less than V∞ = 3.05 m/s to greater than V∞ = 48.77 m/s.


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