EA - IRMS, Flash HT 2000-MAT253Plus, ThermoScientific

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      Lab 1-003, ADRIC, Sas-Al-Nakhl campus

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    The Thermo Scientific FLASH 2000 HT analyzer combines two single-furnace systems, one for Dynamic Flash Combustion and one for High Temperature Conversion, into a single analyzer. This system also combines the proven performance of our FLASH 2000 IRMS and the TC/EA into one instrument. When coupled to a Thermo Scientific Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS), this powerful but economical analyzer allows bulk stable isotope analyses of N, C, S, H and O of organic and inorganic materials as well as water and other liquids. Dynamic Flash Combustion - Quantitative Dumas combustion of C&N and S • High Temperature Conversion - Quantitative reduction of O and H to CO and H2 • Multiple Isotope Analysis - 15N/14N and 13C/12C or D/H and 18O/16O, or 34S/32S • Analysis of Solid and Liquid Samples - Organic and Inorganic Materials - Water and other Liquids MAT253 Plus Analytical Performance With a sample size of 20 μg for MAT 253, the following performance for one fuIl autosampler run (46 sampIes) will be achieved. External Precision 1 σ Carbon (13C/12C) 0.04‰ Oxygen (180/160) 0.08‰


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