Dilatometer DIL 802

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    the DIL 802 provides a truly differential measurement in a horizontal dilatometer. For highest measurement accuracy, Measuring only the difference between the sample and the inert reference, the design of DIL802 negates the influence of measurement system expansion on the sample measurement. This measurement design is of particular benefit for dynamic temperature programs such as those employed in Rate-Controlled-Sintering (RCS) and for measurements at lower temperatures. Sample length: 0 to 50 mm Sample diameter: max. 7 or 10 mm Material of sample holder: fused silica, Al2O3, sapphire, graphite, tungsten Change of length: 4 mm Length Resolution: 10 nm Temperature Resolution: 0.05 °C Accuracy in α ± 0.01 x 10-6 K-1 Operation mode:horizontal T range : RT to 1200 °C Contact force:0.02 to 1 N, adjustable


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